The fair, respectful treatment of companions is a core value of CJL. We support stakeholder collaboration that built on trust, teamwork, honesty, and mutual respect. We work together under the concepts of teamwork, entrepreneurship, and reward our employees based on their performance. We think that our employees are what gives our company its fundamental vitality and strength.


We always stand from a customer’s point of view; think about what we can do for them and what we can offer from Bangladesh, having deep communication with them to make products have better quality. We also consider the factory staff benefits. We try to manufacture products that do not place a high load on the natural cycle.

Quality Management Training

Social Management, Health & Safety Training

Fire Training


Fire Safety- CJL ensured fire safety in our factory for all the time with periodical fire safety assessment including electrical risk assessment. Addressable inter connected smoke detector, fire alarm, fire hydrant with jockey pump connected with water reserver, various types of fire extinguishers, firefighting equipment, sufficient fire fighters, rescuers is always in place.

Health and Medical safety- CJL provide a safe and healthy workplace environment in the factory. We try to prevent any potential health and safety incidents. If there is any work, related injury or illness occurred, than we have experienced medical doctor and Professional Nurse to overcome. We also supply free emergency medicines to the workers.

Cleanliness- Every day we clean all floors, Toilets and Pure Drinking Water is always available for all during working hours.

Chemical Safety- CJL have separate, safe and well-managed chemical storage area. Chemical handlers and users trained on safely chemical handling. Equipment Safety- We have trained engineer & electrician to handle production machines, Electrical Hazards, Generator.

Working Conditions- There is air ventilation system inside the factory to keep smoke, dust and fiber free and temperature control, sound level, lighting are as per norms.

Security Guard- We have 24 Hour Security Facility.

Fire Training

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire Exit

Fire hydrant

Fire hydrant

Chemical Room


Medical room: We have a beautifully furnished medical room, managed by trained doctors. We provide first aid and free medicines for workers and staffs.

Baby care: We have a childcare zone. And it is fully separated from the production facility.

Improvement of public health & work environment: We provide a safe and healthy work environment to workers and staff. We prevent potential health and safety incidents and work-related injuries or illnesses from occurring.

Working hours: We comply with Bangladesh Labor Law for working hours.

Remuneration: According to the government wage standard, we pay the wages

Child labor: We do not employ or otherwise utilize child labor in their contracting, subcontracting or any other business relationship, to manufacture products for us.

Forced labor: No person in our factory is force to work under the threat of punishment or retaliation.

Madical Room

Baby Care

Rest Room