Management Philosophy

Cosmic Jute & Leather Industries Ltd. gives benefits to customers and society through leather product manufacturing. All the staff of CJL take pleasure in the work, develop the ability of each other, and achieve organizational growth together. CJL is a company where we respect the process of effort, and the result is the realization of our common dream and purpose. CJL is a company that challenges spirits and a sense of gratitude. CJL will grow with our customers to prove worthy of their trust.


We always stand from a customer’s point of view; think about what we can do for them and what we can offer from Bangladesh, having deep communication with them to make products have better quality. We also consider the factory staff benefits. We try to manufacture products that do not place a high load on the natural cycle.

  • Quality Products
  • Reasonable price
  • On-time delivery
  • Standard working environment


100% Azo Free products we deliver to customers. CGL always believes in quality products, so we make products without using Azo and pigments.

We have ISO 14001:2015 certification, which is an internationally agreed standard that define environmental management system requirements.

We always try to reduce waste. Moreover, we segment wastage in 4 ways (leather waste,rubishes,paper waste,metal waste) for a healthy environment and ensure recycling/reuse.

Design that does not waste as much material as possible. Our item variation can cut disposal volume.

Green planting helps to keep workers' mental health good and reduces indoor dust in factories. Therefore, we have ensured green planting wherever possible.


As we have own brands and regular production under well settled supply chain pipeline of leather & accessories so any OEM orders will avail a preset up benefits from ordering to quality check process management. We are physically available in both side from order to manufacturing thus, delivery schedule management is also convenient for us.


Highest satisfaction at a very competitive price through Zero tolerance. Being ready to design and produce according to clients' need and order. Trying to introduce the natural and traditional products of Bangladesh for cultural exchange.


What CJL does for the employees and the community around the Factory?

CJL donate to WE21 Japan & Reborn Project, the NGO's which is doing the international collaboration led by Asian people for the environmental disruption and solution to poverty, they provided life savings accessories & food support to our relevant working channel while (COVID19) in pandemic, even they supporting females' economic independence and Contribution for the community by employment creation.

Factory Operation during

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